Taking the plunge, or, reviewing books

So, certain folks I know (*cough* Ken and Lisa *cough*) seem to think I should share my book reviews with a wider audience. And, hey, lord knows I have opinions about books. I have been dithering over this for a few months, but decided that it was worth doing, since I read enough that it wouldn’t hurt to have a centralized place to post said reviews, rather than putting them on my LJ.


As an introduction, let me first say that I’m a long-time genre reader, and that I like books. A lot. I primarily read in the sf/fantasy, mystery, and romance fields, although I also read whatever strikes my magpie-ish tastes. So there might be reviews of Golden Age mysteries one day, and the newest Bujold the next, with some detours into histories of Winchester College (the public school, not the actual college) and how to declutter. It all depends.